About Me

Hi my name is Dave, I live in Sydney Australia, welcome to my site.

I have re-written this page more times than I can recall. So I asked a couple of friends to lend a hand and this is what they had to say:

David was born to 2 parents long before he can remember and blah blah boring bits ….

In a freak accident, involving a cathode ray tube, he discovered an uncanny ability to freeze time by concentrating really hard on pressing the shutter button on his camera.

Since that day, he has become known at parties as “that guy, you know, the one who always lugs a tonne of gear around”. Never one to shy away from a long exposure, even in winter, David brings a unique interpretation to all forms of photography.

Aside from photography, I love travelling. I’ve got a list of places I want to visit longer than my arm. I love skiing, cycling and the occasional game of ultimate Frisbee. Most of all I love sitting down over a coffee or a beer with few friends.

If you are interested in having me shoot your special day or even just a portrait session. Get in touch and we can catch up over a coffee or two to talk about it.