Some new toys!

Recently I’ve been shooting some studio style portraits for a few friends and family. The set up itself was fairly simple and as basic possible. For the backdrop I used few meters of black material pegged to the curtains in a spare room while the subjects were lit by 2-3 strobes / flashes. While shots certainly turned out well, the old PT-04 ebay triggers I had proved to be a pain to use. So in the end I ditched the old triggers and resorted to the optical slaves built in to the flashes I was using (though this in itself had it’s own set of problems).

Hence after little research (on the strobist flickr forums) I decided to grab a few Yongnuo RF-602 units.

Compared to the old triggers (PT-04’s) these feel far more solid and the overall fit and finish is miles better. The receivers use 2 AAA batteries each, while the transmitter runs off a single CR2 battery. Initial tests so far are good. All the units worked perfectly, no random triggering of the flash or miss fires and to top it off the receivers can also double as a wireless remote for my D300.

Now, I just need to organise a few more shoots to put the RF-602’s through their paces!

In the mean time, here’s one of earlier studio shots …

This is my friend Benji. He’s sporting his new wrestling mask, which was given to him by his wife (lucky guy).

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